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The Security and Comfort of Fences in a Miniature Fairy Garden

You have actually taken the primary step. The weeds have been removed and the modified soil is ready for planting. Why, for a mini garden, does there appear to be so much space that has to be filled? What to do next? Well, I found the response to that concern this previous weekend and here is my story.

When we crawled into our fort and I began to read, a sense of security and a homey sensation came over us. Now you may be questioning how this story relates to the huge, open spaces of a tiny garden?

As I was composing this post and concentrating on the space element of design, I began to remember that comfortable sensation of the fort. Why can't fences simulate the very same sensation as the blanket thrown over the table? Fences are able to become boundaries, make fascinating garden backdrops, and develop a welcoming entryway ... much like the fort. Time to examine this principle a little more!

Open fence designs work fantastic to produce limits while providing an illusion of a border, but still giving you viewing access to the whole mini garden. Some fences are used to line the edges of a veggie garden or flower bed. When choosing a fence for your mini garden, determine if the border is going to blend into the garden's landscape or become a focal point.

Fences, crafted from a range of products, can make interesting backgrounds while developing limits in your space. Think about the timeless, white picket fence. Not only does it border the space surrounding the fairy cottage, however it is an appealing backdrop boosting an old-fashioned mini garden loaded with color with flowering Erodiums or any collection of mini plants. In contrast the Birch Fence, with its twisted branches, delivers a fun and exciting background that includes much structure to the space. This fence ends up being a piece of art in the tiny garden and it alone makes an effect.

Finally, the fence can be utilized to welcome the fairies, pixies, elves, as well as giants while leading them to the garden or cottage. Border the front entrance with a fence. Include a gate with doors that widen, develop a sidewalk, and instantly the space's function is to welcome visitors and make them feel at home. What will the function of your fence be? Will it provide boundaries, become a background, or welcome visitors? Possibly it will function as all three?

As soon as you identify the function of your fence, then it is time to pick the design and materials. In mini gardens, the main choices of material to select from are wood, metal, and resin. Whether you are matching the garden's landscape or added a touch of whimsy, keep in mind that this fence will end up being the "fort' or soothing factor in your fairy garden.